This Greeting Card was entered into the 2005 Stampede, Contest and won 3rd place ribbon in the category "Card Making - Invitations"

"Hugs & Kisses" Valentine Mingle#1
Invitation 2 flap Card

opened: W 12 1/2" x H 7"
closed: W 4 1/2 X H 7"

This card is made from white heart embossed cardstock and spritzed with red paint.  The base is sprayed with gold paint. The words Valentine Mingle on the front are done using a Hot Mark Tool and gold embossing powder.  The 2 faux chocolates (Hugs & Kisses) are done with silver and gold foil papers adhered to thicker cardstock. The words on the inside are done with a gold gel pen and shadowed with black. The origami box holds the "what", "when", "where", "why" also done in the shapes of the chocolates like on the cover


You can see the words on the front more clearly now

The "what" "where" etc. The reverse side of each faux chocolate is done in the silver or gold foil.

The card totally opened

Have a sweet tooth.
Looking for a sweet heart.
Come mingle with us and have your cravings filled.