Card standing open

ID: Megan BD 08
Open: 25"w x 7"h
Closed %'w x 7"h

Created: Dec 26, 2007

This card is for a girl's 20th birthday. I used Canson Mi-Tients cardstock (Indigo) for the  main card construction. I cut out 20 doors, some on the cover, the 3rd page and  the last  page. I backed most doors with a  piece of clear acetate and most have some form of Peel Offs stuck to the acetate and colored in with various types of gel pens and glitter. Then I backed the page  with some stationary (doors cut out) to cover the acetate and give a neat finish.


Card flat

I put Peel Offs borders on several of the doors, added text both inside the doors and outside the doors, added filigree corners on the central pages where I used a script hand to write the sentiments. The numbers on each door are from various number sticker packages. All the doors are kept relatively closed with a heart or star closure and attached with mini gold eyelets and are rotated out of the way with a fingernail or tip of your finger to open the doors and reveal what's underneath.




Cover (Doors opened)
PS image was altered to view all doors open

The quote on each door is done with a Brause 515 nib and Maimeri Copper Gouache. 

Quote: When one door closes an other opens, but we often looks so long and regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the  one which has opened for us. Alexander Graham Bell

Hearts and stars are punched out of hand decorated 140lb watercolor paper using Sizzix Paddle Punches.

 Inside Door #1 quote is written with colored pencils "Spread your wings and fly" 

The other doors are done with Bleed Proof white ink and a Nikko G nib

Door 2 is a couple of violets and the word "Enjoy". 

Door 4 is a large heart and the words "Much Love"

Door 5 is the Peel Offs Smile and the word "Always"

Doors 3, 6, 7 & 8 spell the word "Happy" and each door has a word beginning with that letter. "Have a perfectly pleasant year"



I used a sizzix Sizzlets die and hand decorated rice paper for the filigree corners. The sentiments are done with a Nikko G nib and Bleed Proof white ink.

Words: May each birthday bring you some new wonder to behold, some unexpected loveliness that  you can watch unfold...





P3  (Doors opened)

Borders, hearts and filigree same as above.

You can see a mini envelope on a string with the words "instructions" on the ribbon closure. Inside are the instructions on how to rotate the hearts and star closures without damaging them using a finger nail or tip of your finger.

Door #9 sunflowers and words "May the sun shine on you every day.

Door # 10 yellow Tulips and words "Take time to smell the flowers"



The rest of the birthday sentiments

Words: And may you always gather like a fragrant, sweet bouquet, love and joy and friendship within your heart to stay.





P5 (Doors opened)

The light blue strip  on the left side slides  out of the way to allow the doors to open. The strip is also aided with two horizontal strips. 

Doors #11 to 15 spell the word "Birth".

Door # 16 is a butterfly on a piece of acetate.

Door #17 to 19 spell the word "Day"

Door #20 Has the cake and the rubber stamped words "Make a Wish". Under the door is a blank piece of paper for signing and to write your own sentiments. 




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