This card won 3rd prize at the 2004 Stampede art & craft contest in the Handmade Greeting Card - Friendship type Category.

Booklet Card

opened: W 12" x H 4 3/4"
closed: W 3 1/4 X H 4 3/4"

This is an inter-connected booklet style card. I used a cut out portion of the heart shape from one page to connect with another page. Most of the lettering is done in my version of a cross between Italic and Celtic hands in black ink.

Back of cover page & 1st page

As the title implies there are lots of ladybugs throughout the card. The cutout heart from the 1st page (Ladybug & Friendship) is covered in gold foil and connects the backside of the cover page to the 3rd page.

2nd & 3rd page
4th & 5th page

The cutout heart from the 7th page is flipped backward to  connect to the 4th page. The fourth page section is covered with red foil which overlaps onto the 5th page.

6th & 7th page

The 6th & 9th pages are connected with a gold foil heart. This is the center of the booklet. The Right and left edges flip open to reveal little secrets.

6th & 7th page opened
The secrets revealed...

When the right and left edges are flipped open the little hearts are opened automatically to reveal their secrets.

8th & 9th page

10th & 11th page

The 10th & the back of the back cover are connected with a gold foil heart.

Ladybug1i The 12th & the back of the back cover are blank pages.

The back & front covers are heart embossed red card stock. The ladybug ornament on the front cover is a fimo/sculpey ladybug I made sitting on a white mulberry paper heart. The booklet is tied with a red ribbon.