ID: Heritage 07 - Friendship

Slip & Slide Booklet Card
5"w x 3.5"h

Won 2nd place ribbon at the Heritage Fall fair 2007

Created: July 9, 2007
Modified: Sept 12, 2007

This card is made from stiff material used to make belts and came in an assortment of colors. I picked a light bright green, brown & orange. 

One of my signatures is in the shape of a maple leaf done in the bright green, but colored in on the cover pieces using decorator chalks and versa mark. I also punched out maple leaves after coloring the cover and stuck them to a couple pages.

I used colored pencils for the words, starting with white, then coloring in with various shades, then shadowing them and adding serifs with a black micron pen.


booklet standing





Page 1

The punched out leaf is aligned with the glued down leaf. The green leaf is loose and flips over


Summer time is gone my friend. It slowly comes but quickly ends, it's been replaced by time called autumn.


Page 2

Nature changes hues from top to bottom green gives way to red & gold. A lovely vision to behold. Whirling leaves go blowing by


Page 3

Carrying smells of pumpkin pie. The air turns crisp the sky fades grey. Indian corn and bales of hay. Overcoats and apple cider.


Page 4

No more evenings on the glider. The harvest moon so orange & round Holidays will soon abound. Chrysanthemum petals start to unfold.


Page 5

The punched out leaf is aligned with the glued down leaf. The green leaf is loose and flips over

A lovely vision to behold. And even though some things end I'm just so glad you'll always be my friend.



Detail 1a


Detail 1b


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