Happy Birthday #1
Flag Card

W 6" x H 8 "

This is a multi layered page flag type card. I used a different textured cardstock for each page ranging in color from a white tone to dark brown. I put various colors of vellum between each page which is where I wrote the poem in dark brown ink using an italic lettering, and also cut out the lettering for "Happy Birthday to you my friend sent with love" done in an oriental style lettering. The last page has a blank inset for a personalized note. The spine is adorned with a brass rod, feathers, fiber threads and a hand made paper bead.


This Greeting Card was entered into the 2005 Stampede, Contest and won 2nd place ribbon in the category "Card Making - Special Occasions"



This shows the card closed
As you open the card  you see the 1st vellum page and the start of the poem on white vellum

"You my friend"

2nd vellum page (Pale yellow vellum)

"you don't always show it, but i know you care. You my friend"


3rd vellum page (pale yellow vellum)

"if I'd ever need you I know you'd be there. You I'm glad you're my friend. Your smile makes me smile. Your pain makes me hurt. You my friend"


4th vellum page (pale pink vellum)

"I want you to know if you need me - I'm there; make you happy, make you laugh. You my friend sometimes you make me mad, but I can't stay mad. You my friend sometimes I want to get"



5th vellum page (pale pink vellum)

"away from you, and sometimes there's nothing I want more than; to talk to you, to tell you about my day, to hear about yours, to laugh with you, to tease you, to share an inside joke, that no one else would get, to argue with you, but know we're just kidding. You my friend do you remember the time"


6th vellum page (pale yellow vellum)

"when... there are so many. You my friend don't ever lose the wonderful person you are. Stay happy. Stay healthy. Stay you. You my friend I'll never stop being your friend, don't ever stop being mine. You my friend just wanted to tell you I care." author unknown