Friendship Booklet Card
W 5" x H 4 1/2 "

This is a multi insert type booklet card. The cover and back are covered in a cream/gold net patterned paper. I added a butterfly made from hand painted paper and thermal embossed the veins and the word Friendship. I added a couple of flower stamens for the butterfly antennae.  A gold ribbon threaded through the cover holds the booklet closed. 

This card won a 2nd place ribbon at the 2006 Calgary Stampede contest

FriendshipBookletClosed1a FriendshipStandOpen1a



The 1st page shows the title and author of the poem and then the start of the poem itself. Also the start of the word "FRIENDS". 

Poem: The Making of a Friend by Edgar A Guest
Life is sweet because of the friends we have made, and the things in common we share; we want to live on not because of ourselves, but because of the ones who would care. it's living and doing for somebody else on that all of life's splendor depends and the joy of it all, when we count it all up is found in the making of friends. 





I used a White Pearl Echizen paper (it has a beautiful pitted texture). I encased the top and bottom folds in a hand decorated text wove paper for added strength and decorative detail. On every page there is either a sticker butterfly or a rubber stamped on hand painted paper and cut out butterfly. I did all the inserts on Stonehenge warm white cardstock. The Large letters for "FRIENDS" were each coated in several layers and colors of embossing powder (gold, copper sparkle, plum pearl, iridescent & clear). The butterflies on these letters were all rubber stamped onto hand painted paper, cut out and then clear embossed with copper detailing on the bodies to hold the flower stamens. I used a brown Zig marker for the poem's lettering in my own version of "Enviro" lettering.

The second page starts of the word "FOREVER" done with rubber stamp alphabet letters and pigment inks, then shadow outlined with a brown Zig marker.