ID: Flip Flop Happy Birthday Card

6"w x 6"h

Created: August 14, 2009

I found the instructions for this card on the Club Scrap website where Tricia gave a wonderful tutorial video. I've never seen it before and it can be tricky to open. Probably needs instructions to the receiver... BIG GRIN

It uses 4 pieces of 3" x 6" pieces of cardstock and they are adhered at four corners. That's it.

So this is the front. I used a spattered background I did ages ago on 90# HP watercolor paper,  using pearlescent inks, watercolors & FW acrylic inks. I rubber stamped the quote (Quietfire Design) with Versafine stamp pad and clear embossed. The flowers (Old Island #727D) are repeatedly stamped on the bottom edge using Perfect Medium and detail black stamp pad. The Dragonfly (also a QF stamp) was done with gold embossing powder.

Now to get to the next page you need to open the card in the center and flip the pages totally to the back. If you look carefully at the 2nd page below, you'll see several fold lines. That's where everything flips up and over etc.

The "Happy Birthday" & "My Friend" are both QF stamps embossed with white detail embossing powder. The butterflies (Stamp-it set #SISET 010) and word stamps (QF stanps) were embossed with either blue sapphire or Amethyst  and a bit of gold embossing powder. The Hearts both in a square and free (QF Stamps) were embossed with gold. Note the back of the watercolor paper from above was first colored with pan Pastels to give a nice tint to the paper and also helps remove the static from the paper.

OK, now to get to page 3, flip the blue cardstock. The "happy birthday" goes up and the "my friend" goes down.


Cover Detail

Page 2

Page 2 detail

Page 3

So I rubber stamped the quote (QF stamps) with Versafine Black Onyx.

The flowers were embossed with the white embossing powder.

And now we're coming to the last page

Flip the purple toned flaps totally to the right and left.


And I thought this was a very appropriate quote for this page, since when it flips, it becomes the first page again.

Quote (QF stamp) gold embossed. Floral sprig (Stamp Barn #CFLR 024M) white embossed.

To get back to the first page, flip the quote to the top and the floral sprig to the bottom.

Page 4

Instructions: Cut 4 pieces of cardstock 3" x 6" (2 pieces in one color and 2 pieces in an other color). Make sure all four pieces are exact same size. Accuracy really is important for the score lines. Score down the 6" length in half (1.5")

Score each end of each piece of cardstock at 1.5", which creates nice 1.5" square corners

Lay two pieces of one color horizontally so the middle edges butt up to each other.

Lay the other two pieces on top of these two pieces but vertically again with the middle edges butting up to each other.

Mark the four outside corners (on the inside sandwich portion) with a little tick mark. Put glue on those squares without going over the crease lines, but right up to the crease line. Attach one horizontal cardstock to one vertical cardstock. repeat with other corners.

I suggest you do a mock up  of this card before actually doing a good one. Then decorate your pieces of cardstock before putting together. I suggest you mark the areas that keep a whole image, even when the pages are flipped. Some disappear which would make some designs look strange, if you're not careful. Also I would recommend not putting quotes that go over the opening areas. The flips don't always lay totally flat so text can become unreadable. I was lucky with this card. But even so you can see with the "Fill your heart" quote there is a space in the opening. Not so good.

And be careful when stamping on the horizontal pieces. When flipped the images are upside down. BIG GRIN.

 Horizontal pieces

Vertical pieces

 Glue sections together



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