Friendship Tag Booklet Card#1
Accordion Envelope Booklet Card

Opened W 11" x H 4 1/4"
Closed (incl. flower): W 3 x H 4 1/4"

I used a bright green card stock accordion folded with cut, punched and folded openings to hold the tags. 

The lettering was done with a yellow brush pen and red dots.

Words "Live Love Laugh"

Details below


The front and back cover are mat board covered  in a variegated yellow pink scrapbook paper. I keep the booklet closed with a 1/4" yellow ribbon. The huge flower unfolds to reveal various stamped words of friendship (hugs, my friend, just for you etc). I used the flower concept from "Paper Crafts" magazine Feb/06 I saw in Michael's and recreated it at home (there's was like a big blue pansy). Mine is done on a yellow portion of the above scrapbook paper and I painted the reverse side with the flower petals in bright yellow and oranges.

Below the flower I wrote in gold gel pen
"A sunny flower to brighten your day"


The first page is cut on the diagonal and a "Friend" ribbon glued to the edge. The card is sewn on the fold with metallic green embroidery thread and a metal "Love" charm attached.

The second page I used a circle hole punch, I edged it with iron on ribbon. I made some gold embossed cardstock and punched a large heart, glued it to the opening and added a "Friend" stamp. The other heart is green and gold from a St Pat's day package of charms.

The third page I also cut on the diagonal, and an edge folded over with a lace ribbon under the fold. I added magenta colored heart eyelets.


The fourth page is folded down and edged with a flower ribbon. I added a coin holder to hold a recent image of me. The coin holder was painted bronze and paper flowers glued on.


Card_Tag1a             Card_Tag2a  

Card_Tag3a               Card_Tag4a

First tag: Yellow cardstock the front is rubber stamped with "Laughter is music for the soul", "Hugs" and I added punched out little hearts. The back is green gel pen and I wrote "laughter is the best medicine".

Second tag: Purple heart embossed cardstock. I glued on a piece of Arches text wove paper I had previously decorated with watercolours. I used one of my personal rubber stamps I'll be selling on my web site soon "Block by block a friendship's built". The back I used a Quietfire design rubber stamp "Listen to what your heart is saying" and added another of those gold embossed hearts.

Third tag: 140 HP watercolour paper and Twinkles H2o done in a linear pattern. I used another Quietfire design stamp "Wheresoever you go - go with all your heart" by Confucius. The back I used a gel pen and wrote the words "When feeling down chat with your online friends" and added a few mini hearts.

Fourth tag: I used a piece of my paper batik and mounted it on white linen cardstock and then on bright orange cardstock. The back is again a Quietfire stamp "Keep your faith in beautiful things in the sun when it is hidden, in the spring when it is gone" by Roy R Gibson. 

I just found Quietfire stamps were so apropos for this card. All the tags have very colorful ribbons attached.