ID: BVCG Booklets 2009
(they can hold greeting cards or CD's or whatever fits in the pockets.)
6"w x 6"h

Created: November 4, 2009

Our Guild had us all make booklets as a fund raiser at our up coming Show & sale. The first one is one I made at home prior to our enrichment meeting. The second one was done at the meeting and finished off at home.

Each booklet has 12 pages, 6 sheets of 12 x 12, folded to create a 2 page spread. The back sides are glued together to form the booklet with about a 1" section at the spine which isn't glued and expands.

 I used papers from a Michael's Slab series of papers, coloring the wrong side (which was white) with Pan Pastels in magenta, purple and blue tones. Part of the paper gets cut away to lessen the bulk of the booklet and those I used on alternate pages as design elements. Also the diagonal fold, usually folds to the inside and I folded it to the outside using various border punches. Nice accents happened because of this, allowing the underneath colors to shine through. I added a very heavy textural blue mulberry paper to the front and back and cut out the "cd's" word with my Cricut, first coloring the cardstock with Pan Pastels, then running through my Cuttlebug with the Swiss Dots folder and after cutting swiping a Distress Blue Jeans pad over the high points. I had initially glued my ribbon around completely, but after making the second booklet, realized I needed the spines to be able to expand, so I cut the ribbon and glue it to the inside spine sections.

Each page also has a corner adorned corner to insert a removable label if so desired. I left them blank for this booklet.


This booklet was made from scrapbook double sided paper (a set from Costco) which is thicker than the paper I used. I didn't really have any choice of the pages that came in my package, but it worked anyway. As the previous booklet, I have removable labels with the months, to organize cards for the year. The label on the cover is also removable. The ribbon is only attached to the front and closes with 2 rings.


Instructions for folding:
Fold a 12 x 12" paper in half both ways. (your paper is now divided in quarters)
Fold the two bottom quarters diagonally to the mid point. Keeping the fold a scant amount shy of the crease lines, so when everything is folded nothing overlaps.
Leave a 1" border and cut away the rest of the folded over triangles.
This border can be folded to the inside or the outside (your choice)
When you've created 6 of these folded pages, start gluing them together with a glue stick, keeping the glue away approximately 1" from the spine edge (for expansion) & making sure the pockets are always at the bottom... BIG GRIN
Also try to have the outside covers matching, so it looks coordinated.
Add your ribbon either glued to the front cover or the back, but not both, or create slits for the ribbon to move freely. Attach two rings to keep the booklet closed or other closure attachment or just tie in a bow.




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