This Greeting Card was entered into the 2005 Stampede, Contest and won an Honorable Mention ribbon in the category "Card Making - Friendship"

Butterfly Friendship #1
Booklet Card

opened: W 7" x H 7"
closed: W 3 1/2 X H 7"

This is an inter-connected booklet style card. I used a cut out portion of the butterfly shape from one page to connect with another page. I used Arches Text Wove paper and hand painted it with watercolors in pinks and blues and dropped pearlescent gold and bronze inks randomly. The lettering is done using a Hot Mark Tool and purple embossing powder in a funky curled dot style. A couple words are done with gold embossing powder.

Cover (card closed)

Some areas along the spine are reinforced with mulberry paper.

The start of one of the 3 quotes dealing in friendship

Words: "Friendship is"

3rd & 4th page

"the inexpressible comfort of feeling safe with a person having neither to weigh thoughts nor measure words." by George Eliot

5th & 6th page

"Friendship is"

7th & 8th page

"the fruit gathered from trees planted in the rich soil of LOVE and nurtured with tender care and understanding. by Alma L. Weixelbaum

9th & 10th page

"as I love nature, as I love singing birds and gleaming stubble and flowing rivers and"

11th & 12th page

"morning and evening and summer and winter I love thee my friend." by Henry David Thoreau