Autumn Greetings

"You're in My Thoughts"
Booklet Card

W 4 1/2" x H 4 3/4 "

This is a multi insert type booklet card. The cover and back are done using Arches 140lb watercolor paper with a deckle edge. It was painted wet on wet with color washes in butterscotch, terra cotta, walnut ink and a touch of lettuce green, then sprinkled with sea salt and rubbing alcohol. The lettering is a funky style done using a rheostat and low wattage iron and embossing powders in gold and carnelian. The leaves are punched out of some gold painted watercolor paper. The booklet is tied closed with a golden ribbon interwoven through the cover. 

Autumn Card Cover 1a

This card is entered at the Heritage Park 2005 Fall Fair in the Handmade Themed Greeting Card Category.





The 1st page shows the start of the word "Greeting" and the start of the word "Autumn:, as well as the start of the quote by Henry David Thoreau.

The booklet holder is made using Fabriano Ingres Paper "Verdastro #606" and origami folds.

The word "Greeting" is done using My Sentiments Exactly "Retro Caps" rubber stamp letters and watercolor crayons then shadowed with a brown brush pen on cream toned 65 lb card stock.

Detail Of the Letter A in "Autumn". Using cream toned 65 lb cardstock I cut out the negative areas of the letter. Several layers of embossing powder in clear and Gold glitter over several tones of chalk pastels and color box inks in yellows, salmons & reds. The leaf is punched out of the excess from the cover paper and adhered to the letter to stabilize the weak leg of the A using the embossing powder as a glue. The words are a Neuland hand, done using FW acrylic ink in Antelope Brown and a pointed nib. 











The last page is blank for a personalized note.

Detail of the back of each letter using multi colored thread brown toned mulberry paper