Lynn Slevinsky Class - "Licorice Card"

Size: 5.75"w x 5.75"h

Love this card because of the licorice paper. Now to find some of it...

Started out with a black cardstock. Adhered the pinked edged pink paper then the licorice paper. Punched circle the same size as the licorice in blue and red and using terrific tape glued on the holeless beads. 

TIP: put the holeless beads in a baggie and insert your circle into the bag, press down into the beads, shake off excess beads and remove from baggie. No beads flying all over the place.

Attach to card with foam tape. Add the words "It takes all sorts" on a piece of white cardstock mounted to a piece of blue cardstock. 

On the inside we used a piece of pink paper also pinked. Wrote the words "And you're the best sort" on a piece of white paper.


ID: Licorice Card



Inside of card

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