ID: Gilded - Spider Web - Pope
5"w x 7"h

Created: June 14, 2009

I recently got a couple of Lynell Harlow brass templates of the spider web and the spider. Love them. Go figure. I'm not an insect loving person.

Anyway I used a black cardstock (Full Spectrum color), and used a pencil in the stencil to draw the spider, then went over the lines with my size (La D'ore mixed with a touch of yellow ochre gouache). Never tried this gouache before, but it's ok. Put black variegated leaf on the spider which I think is just perfect. It really looks like a spider. Sheesh. better not come into my artroom and look at that at night.



Drew my lines for the web with the template and used a Quickie Glue pen, then put on silver leaf. Added a gold leaf strand for the spider to hang from. Wrote in my quote using a quill nib and an ArtQuest watercolor Palette (interference red)

Quote: The spider's touch , how exquisitely fine! Feels at each thread, and lives along the line. Alexander pope

For the inside I spread Golden's soft gel medium over the spider stencil than sprinkled with Ritz Glitter Micro fine black. The webbing was done with Angelina fibers. I used very little and thermal glued the central portion leaving the fine hairs loose. The are attached to the card just at the ends and the card can not open all the way flat, so it's like the web is hanging loose. The spider is just hidden under it.

Words inside: I think it's that time again. Have a great day.

I'm not really into Halloween so at least this card can work for someone's birthday around that time too.




Detail of inside spider.

I'm thinking of using this one for one of my heritage Fall Fair entries, so need it to be more like Halloween. So added the stuff inside.


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