I lightened the scan for better viewing. The black is a real black.

ID: Gild - Thanks Flourish #1
4.25"w x 6"h

Created: Nov 6, 2008

I love Suzanne Cannon's "Flourish" rubber stamps (Quietfire Design) and was looking at it and realized it could make a wonderful capital "T". Granted, next time I will tilt the stem axis a bit to coincide with the slope of the letters.

I used a heavy black cardstock and composition gold leaf and red variegated gold leaf with Jerry Tresser's size. I then used various stylus points for the embossing. Also did some embossing onto the black cardstock as a border. The flourish was rubber stamped using the Glue Essentials glue pad and then touching up a couple small spots where the glue didn't catch. I also masked a couple small branches on the right side of the stem and added a curlicue on top so that all four sides had something sticking past the borders. The rest of the word "thanks" I wrote with the size and a Mitchell nib. I rounded the corners on the card to mimic the flourish design.


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