ID: Forget About
"Embossed Series"
Open: 12"w x 5.5"h

Closed: 3"w x 5.5"h

I used 12" x 12" grey scrapbook cardstock and cut it in half and then trimmed it down a bit.  Scored my fold lines every 3". Drew my diamond pattern onto some graph paper then scored them using a "Scor-it". Created my watercolor art using 90lb Canson watercolor paper, Rheotech white gesso, Golden's Iridescent Stainless Steel & Gold 3D fabric paint applied with a palette knife and randomly smeared to get textural effects. Let that dry prior applying some black watercolors which I layered on several times wiping away sections each time.  Cut out my diamonds and attached them to my card. Added the quote with a black micron pen.

Quote: Forget about the days when it 's been cloudy, but don't forget your hours in the sun. Forget about the times you've been defeated, but don't forget the victories you've won. Forget about the misfortunes you've encountered, but don't forget the times your luck has turned. Forget about the days when you've been lonely, but don't forget the friendly smiles you've seen. Forget about the plans that don't seem to work out right, but don't forget to always have a dream. author unknown

ForgetAbout_GreyAccordion  ForgetAbout_GreyAccordionDetail detail

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