ID: Xmas Ornaments 10

Created: September 27, 2010
Modified: November 6, 2010

I purchased these iridescent flat tapered type of Xmas Ornaments from a major crafting store last year and finally got around to finishing them.

The insides were dribbled with inks and paints last year, so I don't remember what I used. They lay flat while drying so I have interesting dried pools of color which I used as focal points on the 2nd ornament.

I applied Sookwang tape, wrapping it around the ornament. Sprinkled with Glitter Ritz Micro Fine glitter (Ocean Spray, Chartreuse & Dark Gold). Burnished well. Added various sizes of mint green half Pearl gems. Used a Squeeze & Roll glue pen to apply large pools of glue dots and then sprinkled with Chartreuse.

ID: Pearls (Sold)

ID: Gold Leaf (Sold)

I sprayed the inside of the ornament with Easy Tac adhesive, then sprinkled a few colors of glitter inside. Put some Golden's Tar gel into a fine tipped nozzle dispenser and just wiggled it around to create my pattern. Sprinkled variegated loose gold leaf, press down lightly and set aside to dry. Then brushed off excess.

You can see the focal point on this one. In real life it has almost like a burnt area on the inside similar to Raku firing.



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