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Crafts: artwork done during the Workshop Week 2023

This gallery is for the projects I did during the 5 day classes.

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Health Journal - Feel Happy & Smile  Juicy Oranges -  Quilled Elephant
Health Journal - Feel Happy & Smile  Juicy Oranges -  Mixed Lettering Comp - Worry Less
Card - Hand Lettering - Believe You Can  Floral Bouquet - 3 Blooms Lettering - Yes No Maybe Okay
Card - Paper Cutting - Love You Drop Caps - Yhg Bullet Journal - Floral
Card - Flourishing - Something Good  Card -  Lettering Composition - Be Happy Relax Card - Boho Floral - Hello My Friend
Lettering Sign - Enjoy Your Day Manadala - The Center Floral Line Drawing - Thank You
Flourishing - The Foolish Man Flourishing - Thank You Boho Floral

Stay tuned for more Craft items in the future.

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