ID: Tunnel Booklets

Created: March 16, 2023

A friend sent me instructions to make a tunnel booklet. I don't seem to have made one before... so I got right to it. Must admit the instructions were a bit challenging and limiting... So found another way to make them (UF Libraries). 

or see how to below.

This one is made from one solid piece of 12x12" paper/cardstock. Since I was only using scrapbook cardstock mine had to be a lot smaller ending up being 2"sq


This one was made from basic 8.5 x 11" cardstock

Title: Tunnel Booklet - Rainbow 
Size: 6"sq by approx 3" deep

 Basic instructions:

1) Cut 2 strips the length of your cardstock by whatever height you want. Mine is 6" h
2) Accordion fold each strip. I used a scoring board. But the basic way is fold in half, fold each 1/2 in half. (4 sections now.). Fold each in half again and then each of them again in half (total 16 sections). 
3) Cut your window pieces by whatever height and by whatever width. Mine is 6"sq. Total 8 pieces
4) Place one of your pieces aside for the back cover (or adhere it now not to loose it or forget it... Adhere it to the first end piece of the accordion and to the back of the page.  (set aside)
5) Cut circles or whatever design into the remaining 7 pieces making sure your front piece has the largest opening and the last piece (7th piece) the smallest opening. Also make sure the cut outs stay in the same position as your starting hole, just getting smaller each time.
6) Adhere whatever decorative elements to the backs of each window, making sure when it's sacked again it looks pleasing...
7) adhere each window to the accordion pieces starting from the back - to the back section of each valley fold.

To make a smaller one, either use a shorter length of cardstock and less folds or cut some of the accordion folds away from the longer section.

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