ID: Quilled Xmas 08 Ornament

Ornament only: 3"h x 5"w
Top to bottom: 8"h


I  recently made an paper xmas ornament for a Byhand Challenge and I had made it in the shape of a 3D snowflake. I was looking at it and said to myself, why not try making it out of quilled pieces. I really like the way it turned out and it's quite sturdy. I had thought it would be more fragile, but I reinforced sections and the central core where the ribbon runs through is made up of several solid coils glued together.

I used 1/4" w silver metallic quilling strips. Made each section and then glued them together. I waited 12 hours to make sure everything was dry before putting a very liquefied glue over the edges using a very soft brush and then sprinkling with Ritz Glitz glitter "Dark Gold"

I added a couple of wood beads that I painted silver with a Krylon leafing pen and a couple hand made paper beads made from some marbled paper I had made a while back.

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