ID: Pewter Class with Elitia Hart

I took an embossing on pewter class with two of my friends, taught by Elitia Hart (formerly from South Africa) here in Calgary. Fabulous class. Anyone in the Calgary area, I can recommend it highly. All the pieces below were done during the class which ran from 9am to 4pm with a mid morning break and a lunch break.

Some techniques I learnt:
Like creating a channel on either side of an embossed line - emboss on wrong side on soft mat, turn work over and on a hard surface emboss on either side of that embossed line creating a channel for patina to sit in.

Or again working on the back and embossing your design on a soft mat, turn work over and on hard surface, emboss only on the outside of the embossed line, turn work over again and on a thicker soft mat start pushing the material with a tortillon to create a rounded or sculpted form. the heart on the back cover is an example of this and so are the checks and nose on the lady on the box. You can continue to work embossed lines and designs on the wrong side of the raised image. Or after it's filled with wax, you can put details on the right side.

Lots of doodling, tool marks and other details add interest especially when it's patinaed wither with chemicals or faux with markers or rub ons.

We started by doing small squares with various embossing techniques, both on the back and on the front of the pewter, both working on soft mats - thin & thick - and working on hard surface, each to give us a different result. I've done embossing on metal before, but I definitely learnt several new techniques.




I added more pages and did the inside cover at home using a Spellbinders impressabilities stencil, running through my Cuttlebug, then coloring it with Distress stamp pads using sponging tools, then clear embossing.


This is the cover of a box and is heavily detailed and embossed.

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