ID:  Xmas Ornament - Glittered Joy (sold)

ID: More Xmas Ornaments 10
$12.50 each

Created: October 11, 2010
Modified: November 6, 2010

I purchased these flat Xmas Ornaments from a major crafting store recently.

They all use Ritz micro fine glitter in some way shape or form. I love the back of this one, it just has such an organic feel to a basically non organic item.

I masked of the top area and sprayed Krylon Easy Tac on the bottom area (1 side at a time) and applied Red Variegated gold leaf, pressed down lightly to make good contact and allowed it to dry for several hours before brushing off the excess and buffing it up with a silk cloth.

I followed the veining with a Squeeze and Roll glue pen (has slightly more glue coming out than a Quickie glue pen), sprinkled with red glitter and allowed to dry before doing the other side.

Brushed Tresser's gold size in the open areas, one space at a time, and sprinkled with glitter (Stardust, Dark Gold or Orange). Allowed them to dry thoroughly, brushed off excess glitter, then wrote in my word "Joy" with a black Sakura Identi Pen.

ID:  Xmas Ornament - Peace Goodwill (sold)

I used ecraftdesigns circles & dots Sticky Shape Peel Offs, glittering them one color at a time, then adding more circles etc. Sprayed the inside with Easy Tac and put white glitter in the area of the circles, then added gold glitter for everywhere else. Added a few dots on the back as well.

Die cut the Spellbinders snowflakes and used white glitter, burnished well and added pale green rhinestone stars. Round rhinestones on the front.

Stamped the words Peace & Goodwill (Quietfire Design) with black Versafine and clear embossed. Gets very hot, so cool off every few seconds.


Sprayed the inside with the Easy Tac and sprinkled with a touch of the gold and warm highlights.

Cut out petal shaped pieces from double sided tape and applied them one section at a time. Top green first (Sweet Basil), red ones second (Regal red with a touch of white), and the bottom green last (Sweet Basil again). burnished well after each.

Added leaf glue lines and Dark Gold glitter. Finally added Mustard Seed Stickles dots.

ID:  Xmas Ornament - Blooming

ID:  Xmas Ornament - Celebrate (sold)

Masked off half the ornament and lightly sprayed with Easy Tac and applied a package of loose multi colored leaf. Allowed to dry and rubbed and polished excess off. I wanted a very organic look to the area.

Painted in a diagonal line with the gold size and applied copper leaf.

applied thin strips of double sided tape and sprinkled with Royal Blue or Rose glitter. Added a piece of white lace ribbon with a piece of very thin double sided tape.

Finally wrote in my word with an Identi pen.

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