ID: Helen Hiebert - Fun Fold

Created: March 31, 2023

 I took a Zoom mini class with Helen Hiebert yesterday and one of the projects was making this fun structure.

On geli printed Columbia Mills LBS End Paper folded to create 16 equal folds. Then 2 fold sections were folded diagonally creating triangles. Glued the ends and triangles together and adhered the  structure to a round circle. Then created a smaller version and adhered inside the larger then adhered a mini rhinestone on top.

The ring is the same structure but much smaller... with a dollop of Viva Pearl Pen "Copper"

The back image is showing the folds before gluing.

Size 3.5"dia

The larger portion cut to 14" x 1.75"
cut the smaller section proportionally smaller at least by 30%

ring cut to 1" x 8"

You can cut your paper to any size length, but the height must be the size of 2 sections of the 16 section length. That will create the "square" area for folding each 2 of the 16 sections diagonally on the wrong side.

When scored, push the center mountain fold toward each other which will force a triangle shape to form crease well and continue with the next 2 of the 16 sections. etc. etc... 

1) When you have all 8 triangles created either glue the ends together to create a circle.

2) Or glue al the internal sides together so it doesn't pop open...

3) Or use scotch tape only on the edge of the 2 ends to hold it together.

Depending on the option you use various shapes can be created.

The ring was glued with option 2

The double structure was created adhering the larger folded circle to a 3/4" punched out circle, when dry the smaller portion was adhered between the folds.


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