ID: Helen Hiebert Folded Hat
Size 8"point to point x 3"h 

Created: February 18, 2022

Helen Hiebert launched her new book and demo'd this hat. Fun project.

This one fits a normal sized head but can be created for smaller heads.


Note: best to use cardstock that folds and creases well without tearing.

I used cheap paper which does tear when folded so had to reinforce the fold areas...

I started with 3 pieces 8.5"w x 10"h. Scored and creased at 3 5/8" and then at 6.75" leaving approx 3.25".

I then folded in half lengthwise. Cut from top to the 1st score horizontal line/fold, then from the 2nd horizontal score line/fold to the bottom, leaving the the space between the 2 scores UNCUT...

At this point you can trim down the 3.25" flap and leave as is or cut a decorative edge etc. I used one of my Spellbinder decorative dies. Then cut an extras which I adhered slightly off to leave that white space for more definition.

Adhere the 3 papers together using decorative adhesive tape or scrap pieces of paper both on outside and inside of hat (not the cardstock - too thick...)

I punched a small hole for my brads to hold the flaps up and protected the inside with a glued punched circle.

For the top place one section on top of the other and continue to the last section which you will need to slip under the 1st section.


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