ID: Flat Fold Box

Created: August 13, 2023
Modified: both approx 3"sq x 1"h

A friend from my crafty gals introduced the group to this flat fold box. Hers' fit her larger 3D cards. I decided to alter mine for the blue one to a smaller size. Then I made the 2nd one altered some more with things I didn't really like from the original...

On the blue one I glue the flaps that fold to the inside. On the brownish one I added them to the dimensions to cut as one piece. Adhered pieces of geli printed paper.

As you can see from the image the blue one has the front piece sticking out so I adhered the little triangle areas to the sides instead. Also added small pieces of Hook & Loop to the side flaps.

You can see a video of it HERE

Both boxes done from scraps in my paper stash.


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