ID: Extendable Box - Scrapbook Paper - Altered

Created: May 10, 2023
Size: Closed 3"w x 3.5"h x 5/8"thk
         Opens to: 5"h

One of my online friends from our group Art Of The Fold introduced me to this cute structure. She sent me a link to Beth Van Gasteren's youTube instruction part 1 video and part 2 video

After watching it I decided to alter it slightly by making it from one piece of paper (+ the inside flap) instead of several pieces needing to be adhered together. I also didn't bother with the reinforcing strip of paper.

I used a good quality scrapbook paper that doesn't tear at the creases. Added the lavender brad and matching waxed linen thread.

Diagram with altered dimensions etc is below.



I used a 12 x 12" paper. all dimensions on the diagram are in cm and I'm working and scoring on the inside of the box (wrong side of paper)

The extra piece is cut to 8cm w x 7.3cm h and scored along the width at 1.5cm on the right side of paper. It's adhered to the inside to the 1.6cm section with the right side of paper facing toward the 4cm section.

Added my brad and waxed linen thread and adhered some punched out circles from the same paper to cover and reinforce those points.

Fold in the pull outs and insert the top section into the box to hold the flaps inside. Do the same thing with the adhered piece of paper


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