ID: Double Loop Fork Bow

Created: December 4, 2014


At one of our recent quilling get together, one of the ladies taught us how to do fork bows... When using a fork, the ribbon should be very narrow. So I decided to use my quilling comb and that way I could use various widths of ribbon, just by adjusting how many prongs I weave over... plus I don't have to keep a fork on my desk ROFL.

If you want to maker larger loops, then go over 3 or 4 prongs at a time. If you want to make 3 loop bow, then added 2 extra rows of weaving... Have fun.

Step 1: starting the ribbon on the left side and weaving over every second prong for a total of 8 prongs.

Step 2: Weave back towards the starting point.


Step 3: continue weaving to the 8th prong

Step 4: Continue the weave back towards the starting point.


Step 5: the last weave and should end on the opposite side of starting point.



Step 6: we were shown using a small 4" piece of ribbon to tie around our bow, but I decided to use wire thread from Prima (can use floral wire or something similar.). Slip the wire at the top between the 4th & 5th prong and the other end at the bottom between the same 2 prongs. This is the mid point


Step 7: wrap and twist the wire as tightly as you can so it holds the loops securely.

Step 8: remove from quilling tool.


Step 9: Use a bamboo skewer or something similarly as thin to create a coil, then remove from skewer.

Step 10: repeat curling the other end and remove from skewer.


Step 11: bring the curls towards the bottom of bow. Decoratively cut off ribbon ends. Glue to project.


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