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Created: September 26, 2009
Modified: October 7, 2009


Well the first teacher was Annette and she taught painting on canvas to create the pencil cup above. We used Liquitex acrylic paints and my colors were a blue and a magenta. Then all the decorating and embellishing. Needless to say 1.5hrs, just isn't enough time to be taught and then to play, so this cup still has work to do to it. But I will probably make more of them. And you might realize I wrote my name using various plastic masks and a rubber stamp, then outlined them a bit and colored within them and used stencils on top of them, all adding layers and textures. The lip of the cup is the canvas folded down several times and I stamped it with a hand made foam stamp I had punched out.


I was the second teacher and we made an interactive booklet. It was a marathon to get it finished, but I think most of them got most of it done. It's meant to be a personalized gift, where there's lots of decorating, rubber stamping, and embellishing in the visible portions. Then the personalized stuff goes on the hidden pull out inserts and a photograph and maybe a few other things.

Carole from Paper Pastimes donated most of the 12 x 12 scrapbook paper, which I thought was very generous and much appreciated.

I also supplied most of the quote stamps from Suzanne Cannon at Quietfire Design.

To see more of these booklets click HERE

There is still quite a bit to be done, but hope to finish it this week.

We also made the origami flower, which is one of my favorite little embellishments.


Lynn was the third teacher and she demoed alcohol inks. She had a fabulous journal with tons of alcohol ink samples. I was definitely with my eyes popping out. I love and can keep my own with alcohol inks, but for some reason, those just looked way better than mine. Will have to play and experiment and make a journal of my own.

We made the center piece using 3 colors, which I think were Red Pepper, Shell Pink, Cranberry, and no blending solution so we got a very intense color scheme. While the inks were wet, we added some Krylon gold leafing pen and continued to blend. Let it dry a bit so the subsequent pounced colors gave very small circles. We also used an alcohol blending pen to remove some of the color in desired pattern. The tag was an acrylic tag, colored with the same pouncing tool, then edged with the Krylon pen. A gold Peel Off sticker was added.

The rest of the card was scrapbook papers which were precut for us, so all we had to do was assembly. We made a slit in the fold to thread the ribbons to the inside, where they were glued down. Then the tag and pink cardstock behind it were attached with a safety pin and the poinsettia added to hide the pin.

Inside left side of card


The last, but not least, teacher was Tara with the help of a friend Suzanne, who taught us felting. I've done felting before, but had a good time with it today. Plus since another friend mentioned felted beads, I wanted to make some. These were not the wet felted beads but felted with a needle, so they're different. One day I'll get to making the wet ones.

We were given a felted piece of material in the shape of a cuff as a take out coffee cup warmer. Then we added our details, either with roving or with colored yarns to create thin or thick lines for details and words etc.

So the letters in the pics below spell out the words "Drink Me". Appropriate I thought.

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