ID: Alcohol Inks - Sherry Telle class

Created: March 15, 2021

I attended a ZOOM class this past Saturday given by Sherry Telle. Wonderful

All are done on Grafix white opaque Craft Plastic which I prefer to Yupo. 

I used a mix of alcohol ink brands Copic refills, Adirondack regular, pearls, Gilded Alloys and Mixatives.

99% rubbing alcohol (a lot of it...) and Tim Holtz's alcohol ink air blower

 I love doing landscapes. I used a palette knife for the mountains.

I just had to start doodling on this one after creating it... and then I just had to write something on it... 

This one really speaks to me. It reminds me of Fuchsias
(Copic Holiday Blue, Ultramarine, Adirondack Raspberry, Gilded Alloy)

Now for a bunch of abstracts. Not sure what I'll do with them yet...




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