Rachel Yallop - Peace
Size: 7" sq

Created: November 8, 2021

I'm taking a 2 day online Zoom class with Rachel Yallop using Compressed Charcoal and Conte de Paris pencils. Interest but dirty work...

I decided to try doing a piece in my Strathmore Toned Tan Sketch paper pad.

I used the 2B Conte pencil for the letter outline, the compressed charcoal 4B medium for the shading and my finger to blend... then I started using my very large paper stump. Amazingly it gave a totally different blended effect. Used the edge of an eraser to create the diagonal lines and upward stroke.

Rachel says she always (or almost always) puts a red square somewhere on her artwork to give it POP using some red Canson paper with double sided tape... I decided to use a square red rhinestone. I like the dimension and shine.

I don't have the patience to blend as much as Rachel does C'est la vie.



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