Mike Gold's Class "Contemporary Scripts" May 4 & 5, 20-13 Page 2

More pieces that are finished, but not that I would frame or hang them on my wall...BIG GRIN

Created: May 9, 2013

ID: Impossible #1


There were several exercises Mike had us do:

change the angle of the letters,

change the weight and alternate within words.

change the baseline, bouncing within words and combinations of each.


exaggerated bouncing

ID: What we love


ID: Lovely Day


So another of those side trips I make... the Artagin pad, my white ink and pointed pen. Added some Prisma colored pencils.

The words are what I used to make the scribble design...


I had done this scribble with very diluted walnut ink and then dropped Dr martins watercolors into the wet ink allowing it to migrate and do it's thing...

Mike then said to write a quote or something. We had to use tracing paper, then show Mike what we were going to do. My first attempt had some of the words in the upper blank space of the design... that apparently is a No No. He ended up saying to place the words in the areas I have them. To be totally honest, I'm not happy with it. The bottom paragraph is making me uncomfortable.

So I folded the paper at that point, add the 3 dots at the end of the sentence. and I'm content.

ID: Find Yourself #1b


ID: Find Yourself  #1a


This was one of the "change the weight" of the letters. I was getting tired by this point and my inner self was refusing to come out and play.


This was one of Mike's that he did at my desk showing the weight variancies.

And another by Mike

With this one we did some calligraphic marks to create the flowers, then wrote in our quote using one or more of the exercises.

I used rice paper and the flower was fine. Then I started writing and it bled... The first letter in the word "courage", so I immediately stopped writing. Changed over to Prisma Colored pencils

ID: Courage

ID: No Where

I can't remember what I used for this one. I think I borrowed my table mates automatic pen and used whatever was left over in my paint wells on Arches Text Wove.

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