Mike Gold's Class "Contemporary Scripts" May 4 & 5, 20-13 Page 1

All these pieces are finished pieces, but not that I would frame or hang them on my wall...BIG GRIN

Created: May 9, 2013

ID: Calli Marks #2


The first thing Mike had us do, was put calligraphic marks on a piece of paper. I just used my Genoa Bond pad. We rotated the paper as we made each mark and that's all we had to do. I went a bit further and added color to some of my spaces... I used a Brause nib and Derwent watercolor pencils and some water.

This is one technique I really like and you'll see more of it.


For this one I used the quote I wrote around the scribble... I worked with Walnut ink and a Nikko G nib, then colored in some areas with walnut ink.

ID: HumDrum #1


ID HumDrum #2


Just more scribble. Loosening up... done on rice paper


More scribbles done on Genoa Bond. A bit of pencil, some walnut, some Sumi and my pointed pen.

ID: Calli Marks #1


In between I got a bit restless and started playing on black paper (Artagin) and Copic Opaque White mixed with some water and my pointed pen. Love this letter style. I came across some words done with these letters, but there was no name of the font. I searched and couldn't find it, so created the rest of the alphabet using the few words as a guidline...

I used Mike's automatic pen on Arches Text Wove with Dr Martin's watercolor inks. Love the texture. Started writing my word "Journey" with Sumi ink, love the way it bled.

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