Jurgen Vercaemst - A Colori - Dec 6, 13, 20, 27, 2021

Created: December 7, 2021
Modified: December 28, 2021

I'm taking a 4 day online Zoom class with Jurgen Vercaemst. We worked with pressure release, bouncing text, some inks etc.

I used a mechanical pencil with a 0.7mm HB lead






Day 1: most of his work is drawn letters rather than calligraphy.


doing the same quotes in various ways or with various tools.


Trying out various pencil I have
Caran d'Ache 8B
2 & 3) Caran d'Ache HB & B
4) Bottle of Ink
5)Verithin - Dk Umber
6) Verithin 747
7) Staedtler HB
8) Marie's Non - Wood Graphite Stick
9) ProArt Graphite 6B
10) Derwent Sketching Lt Wash HB
11) All Art Woodless Graphite
12) Crafte 4B
13) Berol Turquoise 3B
14) Qianshan 000 Black
15) Pentalic Graphite 2B
16) Koh-i-Nor Hardmuth 2B
17) Staedtler Lumograph B

My favorite was #13 and least favorite #16




Day 3: Just Do It
Size: 8.5" x 11"

Words I live by...

On Genoa Bond paper, drew in all my words then outlined and colored with various medias and tools. Derwent Inktense pencils, Micron pen, gel pen, Artistro extra fine tip pens, Finetec paints, #1 paintbrush.



Day 4: Sunshine
Size: 4.5"sq

On Bee Super Deluxe paper drew my 1.5" squares with a Zig Writer. Painted with QoR watercolors in yellow and dropping in some red.



Day 4: Be Brave
Size: 4"sq

On Bee Super Deluxe paper drew my 2" x 1" rectangles. Painted with QoR watercolors in various greens, dropping in some coarse salt for texture.


Day 4: Color Is By Day
Size: 7"w x 5"h

On Arches 90# HP w/c paper drew out my quote using a .03 Micron pen. Painted with Winsor & Newton watercolors. Added 23K gold leaf in the "O's" using Instacol adhesive.

The piece below is done on Genoa Bond paper as a draft.


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