Gemma Black - Fibonacci

Created: February 16, 2021


The BVCG hosted Gemma Black for a ZOOM class on Fibonacci. The upper 2 images were done during the ZOOM class, The lower 2 images the next day...

The Fibonacci sequence is very simple:

0,1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34,55,89,144 and so on

You add the 1st 2 numbers (0 + 1=1)
then the 2nd & 3rd # (1 + 1=2)
then the 3rd & 4th# (1+2=3)
then the 4th & 5th# (2+3=5)
then the 5th & 6th# (3+5+8) and so on

these are not measurements like inches or centimeters etc, but units or blocks.

So starting in the upper left section of your paper, draw a tiny square (1unit). Repeat that square adjacent to the 1st sq (1+1unit = 2units). Then under those 2 little squares, draw a square the size of the 2 squares combined (1+2=3units).Immediately to the left draw a square equal to the 1 +2 unit length. Continue in a clockwise direction.

ID: Fibonacci - Nautilus - Fibonacci
Size: 4.5"w x 7"h

On Sulphite paper drew my design and colored with Inktense watercolor pencils and blended with water.

ID: Fibonacci- Colred Pencils Hello
Size: 4.5:w x 7"h

on Sulphite paper drew n the design adding some text. Colored and blended wth Prisma colored pencils.

D: Fibonacci - Nautilus - Hello

One of Gemma's pieces was walnut ink spattered with water, so thought I'd do one too. On 90# Arches HP watercolor paper I added table salt to my wet ink but it didn't react enough so then did the water spatter. Painted the background with a bright pink. Adhered to a mid toned pink, then to a dark brown then to my white card.

ID: Fibonacci- Nautilus - I Am The Ocean
Size: 4.25w x 6.5"h

on 90# Arches HP watercolor paper drew my nautilus. Outlined it with a gold gel pen. Sprinkled with Bister powders (yellow, green and blue) then went over it with a very wet paint brush. Painted the negative areas with Holbien "Pearl White" gouache. Added a gold gel pen border then trimmed down. Adhered to a dark brown paper and wrote my quote with the gold gel pen. Trimmed down and adhered to a gold pearlized cardstock.

Quote: I am the ocean, I am the sea, there is a world inside of me. (it's from some lyrics but I can't figure who wrote it...)

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