Fun & Funky with Julie WIldman onLine class July 6,7 & 8, 2020

Created: July 6, 2020
Modified: July 8, 2020

I'm taking another online Zoom class with Julie Wildman "Fun & Funky"

What  fabulous day 3 was...





1st day was introductory and using a basic shape to create a fun alphabet. I was doodling while listening and this is what I created. I'm using a basic rectangle shape and all the letters fit within that shape. I've incorporated a couple variations, one with thick/thin strokes and one with diamond accents.

Using a 6.0parallel pen and Sumi ink on genoa bond paper and a 1" letter height. A few of the letters started getting a bit oversize... but I wasn't doing the exemplar all over again. I know my mistakes so will correct when using them...


On 110# white Staples cardstock. The one on the left uses a 6.0 parallel pen. The one on the right uses a 3.8 parallel pen


I scanned the black and white images from above and printed out on the cardstock. Used Prisma colored pencils on the left image and added gold gel dots to the diamonds on the right one.

"A" exemplar. On white 110# cardstock using various tools (Zig Writer - fine tip and bullet tip, 6.0 Parallel pen and Sumi ink,  Pentel Pocket Brush, Graphite pencil)

since I've done an alphabet based on a rectangle I figure I'd try one based on a circle... Using a circle template (1/2") created this alphabet. It's got potential for adding dots and diamonds for decoration...

Using an Ultra Fin tip Applicator bottle by Darrice filled it with Bleed Proof white ink. I had written a bunch of words on black cardstock and since this one was dry, I thought I'd finish it. This will be part of day 3's exercises...

Colored with Prisma colored pencils and some Lyra Color Giant pencils.

I really like playing with the ink in the bottle for a writing implement.

Decorated "Y". Penciled  in my "Y" letter on black Recollections cardstock and then using a Zeba G nib and Bleed Proof white ink created my design elements within the lines.

 I really like creating this kind of letter...


More of these fun letters. Did another "Y" and a "G". They're both approx 1.5"w x 2"h

The "Y" is Bleed Proof white with a pointed nib and colored with Prisma colored pencils on black Recollections c/s.

The "G" is a Zig Writer and Peerless watercolors on Arches 0# HP w/c paper



Love this technique of putting Bleed Proof white ink (or any liquid) into a fine applicator bottle. I used Darice Ultra Fine Tip Applicators.

EXPLORE: Recollections , black c/s, colored with Faber Castell Metallic colored pencils.

NO PROBLEM: Recollections , black c/s,colored with Prisma colored pencils.

VA VA VOOM: Recollections , black c/s,colored with Prisma colored pencils.

DREAM: on black Stonehenge paper and Metallic Pan Pastels applied with a small makeup sponge

ENJOY: on black Stonehenge paper and colored with Pitt Pastel pencils.







Laugh: on white Stonehenge paper using a Dreaming Dogs "Leeloo" ruling pen and plain Walnut ink. When dry painted with Calligraphica crystals (Golden Leaf and Rose Gold).

BE BRAVE: on Arches Text Wove paper using a Dreaming Dogs "Leeloo" ruling pen and plain Walnut ink. Painted with Peerless watercolors.



Dropping colors into wet walnut ink.

On Indigo 140# CP hand made watercolor paper (very rough) and using Dr Martin's Radiant w/c 

B: Bister Brown ink, Dreamig Dogs "Leeloo" ruling pen, dropped in Tangerine and Daffodil Yellow.

t: Bister Brown ink, 6.0 parallel pen, Daffodil Yellow.

a: Bister Natural, 6.0 parallel pen, Daffodil Yellow and Tangerine.

b: Regular strength walnut ink with Schminke gold powder, 6.0 parallel pen, April Green and Cyclamen

c: Regular strength walnut ink with Schminke gold powder, Folded pen Daffodil Yellow and Cyclamen

G: Regular strength walnut ink, folded pen, Wild Rose and Daffodil Yellow

R: Diluted walnut ink, B-0 nib, Daffodil Yellow, Tangerine and Wild Rose

On Arches Text Wove and watered down Walnut ink.

f: Diluted walnut ink, 6.0 parallel pen, "Tangerine" and "Daffodil Yellow".

a: Diluted walnut ink, Dreaming Dogs "Sofie" ruling pen, "Daffodil Yellow" and April Green, Neuberg Ebel Fine Copper powder.

h: Diluted walnut ink, Dreaming Dogs "Sofie" ruling pen, "Daffodil Yellow" and Wild Rose, Neuberg Ebel Fine Copper powder.

R: This was something extra that Julie was showing us. Loaded letter with water and dropped in Peerless w/c- Peacock Blue, Hunter Green & Geranium ink. Sprinkled with Schminke gold powder.




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