Karen Ness Envelope Exchange February 2021

Created: February 11, 2021

I love decorating envelopes and decided to join in Karen's Valentine exchange

Everyone rec'd an envelope card which we learned in Julie Wildman's Valentine Card class this month. It's so easy and fun to make it's ridiculous BIG GRIN. In the sample from Julie there was a slit to insert the tip of the flap to keep it closed. I decided to add hears and other things as my closure.

ID: "Karen Ness" (Feb/21)
For the envelope, I used a kind of my Kersal lettering which I love.... using micron pen, blended colored pencils, Color Brush pens, Pointed pen and Holbien "Pearl White", black glitter for the dots, Kuretake Gold Mica ink between the hearts, a 2.4 Parallel pen for the rest of her name.

For the envelope card I used geli print on Arches Text Wove and a punched out heart

ID: "Alison Clement" (Feb/21)
I decided to practice a bit of brush lettering a la Loredana Zega... Need a lot more practice. sigh... Then I went a little wild with the doodling. I'm still chuckling.

Added a punched out heart colored with Krylon gold leafing pen.


ID: "Cheryl Schmidt" (Feb/21)
Here's another of my Kersal type letters. Blended colored pencils, black glitter, A 2.4 Parallel pen, Sumi ink for the rest of her name.

another punched out heart but put on a band across the whole card.

ID: "Janet Glessner" (Feb/21)

Used a 6.0 Parallel pen in my funky style using Holbien "Flame Red" gouache with Schmincke Rich Gold. Graphite shading. Large heart outlined with a gold gel pen with an art deco rose within  learned from Gemma Black, painted with watercolors.

I have a bunch of origami paper bows I made eons ago and finally stuck to one of my drawers. So I pulled one of and attached to the card...

ID: "Kate Lehman" (Feb/21)
I took a Zoom class from Benoit Furet and picked up some of his doodling style using a pointed nib, Sumi ink and the hearts and outline with Holbien "Flame Red" gouache.

Just added a bar across the card to hold the flap down.

ID: "Leslie Boehm" (Feb/21)I'm using a lettering font I recently came across "Quartz" by Jack Thompson. I used a 6.0 Parallel pen and Holbien "Flame Red" gouache with Schmincke rich gold. Added some glitter in a few of the hearts.

Added several punched out hearts and adhered them to the bar across the card.




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