Barbara Close - Boxes &Textures Class

Created: March 16, 2021

All the cards are 4.25" x 5.5" both portrait and landscape.

I took a ZOOM class with Barbara Close, March 16, 2021. Love her style. This one was about Boxes and Texture. I did all the artwork during class and then added some calligraphy sayings the next day and created greeting cards with them...

All the class artwork was done on Van Gogh 140# fine grain watercolor paper. All the cards are Staples white 110# cardstock.

ID: Texture - No Matter

One of the texture techniques was to write so close together the words were not legible within a masked of square... the write a quote or something around the edges.

I trimmed it down, edged with a Faber Castell Pitt Brush pen "Blue Metallic 292", then adhered to a scrap piece of geli prints I made a while back, then onto the card. (ps it looks blue but is really a spring green color)...

Quote: No matter how jumbled life gets, there's always something good around the corner.

Quote: No matter

ID: Texture - When One Door

We masked of a square then used a sponge to dab color within the wet square. Used the point of the brush handle to add marks in the wetness, which when it dries pulls the color to the marks.

Edged again with the Pitt marker. Then adhered to another left over piece of geli print paper. (not the blue but a spring green again...)

Quote: When one door closes another door should open, but if not, go thru the window.



ID: Boxes - Enjoy

Our 1st exercise was to paint squares or rectangles using a very diluted watercolor. When dry, doodle leaf or flowery images. I edged with a black marker then onto my card base. 

 ID: Boxes - Block By Block

Apply watercolors onto a square of sponge and press down. I probably should have added a bit more water to get things blended. I decided to add the lines around the boxes. Used a blue marker for the quote adding weight to some of the letters. Edged with a blue Zig Writer then onto my card base.

ID: Boxes -Sunshiny Days

I used the wet paints and a flat brush and just created box shapes. When dry added the lettering with a Sharpie black fine pen. Edged with a black Zig Writer, then adhered to one of my alcohol backgrounds from a previous class I took that week... then onto my card base.

Words: Sunshiny Days Ahead   

ID: Texture - Hello

We masked of the borders and sponged watercolors. removed the masking and drew linear calligraphic marks over the border. I used a colored pencil. I the wrote my "Hello" with a green Zig Writer. Mounted onto a geli print that happened to be the same colors and textural look... then onto my card base.

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