ID: Be Bodacious
Size Matted: 11"w x 11h
Matted: $30.00

Uncial with Kerri Forster

Date: November 13, 2017

I took an Uncial class taught by Kerri Forster this October. 2 hrs per week for 4 weeks. I really like this format and the class was fabulous. I think I got a good handle on doing Uncial now... Now all I have to do is keep practicing. BIG GRIN

I love the word "Bodacious"...

Both pieces are done on Arches 90# HP watercolor paper using a Taklon Selection 1/4" white flat paint brush #23-974, fully dipped in Winsor/Newton Hansa Yellow deep, and side loaded with Cadmium Red for the word at left and Alizarin Crimson for the one below. For the one at left, I shadowed using a 4BLead pencil and a paper stump. For the bottom piece I used a Lyra Graphitkreid 2B water soluble crayon which I tooled to have a flat side.



ID: Uncial - Be Bodaciously You
Size Matted:  11"w x 14"h
Matted: $40.00



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