Stampede12 - Pointed Pen - Wild & Free

Size: 7" x 10"h
Framed Image: 11" w X 14"h 

Created: May 26, 2012
Modified: July 14, 2012

This piece won a 2nd place ribbon.

I love using a pointed pen and I recently came upon this font and the two just merged... I penned it with Moon Palace Sumi Ink.

I also found the image on line, altered it and printed it out on Arches Text Wove in a very faded look. I wanted it to just be there, without a lot of definition.

The quote: A thousand horses & none to ride! With flowing tail and flying mane, wide nostrils never stretched in pain, mouths bloodless to bit and rein, and feet that iron never shod, flanks unscarred by whip or rod, a thousand horse, the wild, the free, like waves that follow o'er the seas came thickly thundering on,...

Lord Byron XVII Mazeppa 1818



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