Stampede11 - Neuland - Perfect

Size: 9" x 11"h
Framed Image: 12" w X 14"h 

Created: May 28, 2011
Modified: July 10, 2011

This piece won 1st place in the Neuland category and 3rd place for the section.

I love doing Funky and decorative Neuland type letters. I lettered the larger letters with a Parallel 6.0 pen, scanned them and resized to extra large. I also did the Funky letters with a 2.4 Parallel pen, scanned that as well and then cut, spliced and arranged till I was content. Printed this out and used it as a guide for where to place my color splotches.

I picked one of the words in each part, did it with a larger 3.8 parallel pen, using Ecoline inks (Light Yellow, Carmine, & Ultramarine Light). Let that dry, then misted and sprayed with water, blotting where necessary, drying and misting again, till I got the runs that I wanted. When this was dry, I lettered my quotes with the 2.4 pen and Sumi ink, using my printout as a guide.



I then drew in my larger words again with the printout as a guide. I had originally wanted to acid etch the words onto my frame glass, but my etching material (0ver 15 years old...) didn't look so healthy anymore, so I opted to do Zentangle decorations instead. When done, I matted the piece and thought it looked a bit bare and too open, so added the border. I love the flow of it and the way it seems to connect everything.

Wouldn't it be perfect if sweatpants were sexy, Monday's were fun, junk food didn't make you fat and goodbyes only meant until tomorrow.


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