Stampede08 - Bamboo

Won a 2nd place ribbon

Stampede08 - Bamboo

Image: 7.5"w X 9.5"h 
Matted: 11"w X 14"h

Created: May 18, 2008

I used  Full Spectrum black cardstock. The calligraphy is a form of Italic done with a Mitchel C4 nib and Twinkles H2o's Interference Gold. The bamboo shoots are done with Pan pastels using the square sponge tool. First with white, then with a Bright Yellow Green Shade (like an olive green) and then only touching the side of the tool into an Raw Umber. The moon was done with a foam circle rubber stamp using Brilliance Moonlight White. I sprayed the artwork with Krylon workable fixative when done.

Stampede08 - Bamboo Detail


Between tall bamboo

moonlight is softly shining

hear the cuckoo call



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