This broadside was entered into the 2005 Stampede, Contest and won 1st place ribbon and 4th place section ribbon in the category "Calligraphy - Neuland Hands"


"Shades of White"

Image size: W 11" x H 14"

I used various types of paper in all different textures and tones of white. I stuck in some heavily embossed and glittered letters made from cardstock for the words "Shades of White" I wrote the poem in outlined Neuland lettering using white ink on vellum.

Poem : 
Snow is white
Doves take flight
Blanketing the blight
In shades of white

Nuances of light
Sparkling in the night
What a sight
In shades of white

Wrong or right
It's not black or white
Deceptions are slight
In shades of white

It's now twilight
Hold me tight
My gallant knight
In shades of white


Mat: un-matted
Frame: inexpensive
gold frame 

Sorry it's difficult to see the words