Seashells 2
Image Size: 11" w X 8" H 
Matted Size: 14" w X 11" h

This is one of my entries for the 2006 Calgary Stampede contest. I used a reddish brown mat and an etched bronze metal frame.

I used Arches 140lb HP watercolor paper. Prior to doing the background I masked the seashells and the word "Seashells". I did a diluted watercolor wash of several browns and yellows for a sandy beach type look. While damp and then also when dry I splattered some brown and reddish brown paint. When dry I removed the mask and used colored pencils in various techniques for the seashells. The main lettering "Pointed Brush Lettering" is done with a small pointed brush and using Twinkles H2o's in a cinnamon color . The word "Seashell is done with a

 slightly larger brush, putting a puddle of water (one letter at a time) in each letter and dropping in various colors so they merge and blend and created a darker edge after the water dries. When the whole word was done and dry I put a thick coating of a 3D glaze to give a nice sheen to the word.  It's hard to see, depends on the angle of light.


Words: It is perhaps a more fortunate destiny to have a taste for collecting seashells than to be born a millionaire. Robert Louis Stevenson