Scribbled Lives - September 2020

Created: September 12, 2020
Modified: September 25, 2020

This is the eight month of challenges for the Scribbled Lives Facebook group.



ID: Wk 36 - Etigami - Achieve Grapeness
Size: 4" x 6"

On 110# white Staples cardstock. Painted the grapes with Winsor and Newton watercolors. Created the letters. mimicking Gemma Black style, with a wet paintbrush and dropped in a blue and red. Outline with a blue Zig Writer (fine tip).

ID:  Wk 37- Mary Oliver (Wild)
Size: 9"w x 9"h

On good calligraphy practice paper, using Holbein goauche (mix of Geranium and Peacock) and my Dreaming Dogs "Leeloo" ruling pen wrote out the word "Wild". Dropped in some "Flame Red" Holbein gouache. Wrote out the rest of the txt with a pointed pen.





ID: Wk 38 - 3-D (3DLetters)

On calligraphy paper and using Holbien "Flame Red" gouache and a large B1/2 nib wrote out the 3-D and then with B5 the word "Letters" in an architectural (Frank LLoyd Wright) style. Added the graphite shading for the 3D effect, blending with a small paper stump. Final touch adding a white highlight using Bleed Proof white and a pointed nib.



ID: Wk 39 - Boustrophedon - Life
Size: 50"w x 4.25"h (extended)
          5"w x 4.25"h x 3/8"thk

Boustrophedon is an ancient way of writing manuscript and other inscriptions in which, rather than going from left to right as in Modern English, or from right to left as in Arabic, alternate lines must be read in opposite directions. The name is borrowed from the Greek language.

Staples 110# white cardstock spliced. A funky style of monoline I came across (no attribution) done with a Zig Writer using both ends. all the decorative inserts are cut from a Geli plate print made with Bister inks and misted with water on Bee Super Deluxe paper, cut or punched out. I adhered AB nail art rhinestones on the cover word.
















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