Scribbled Lives - May 2022

Created: May 6, 2022
Modified: May 27, 2022

This is the fifth month of the new challenge for the Scribbled Lives Facebook group.




ID: "wk 18 - Languages - Crazy Fold - Hello
Size closed: 4.5"dia

On Calligraphy paper, I colored both sides with Pan Pastels. One side with yellow ochre and red and the backside with green and blue. Wrote in the the words with a 2.4 parallel pen and Sumi ink in Carrie Imai's Carrioka style lettering. The main English word "Hello" and various other languages...

I started with a 4"h x 20"w calligraphy paper. Kept a starting tail of 2.5" unscored and then marked the top edge at 5/8" & 1-7/8" to the end of the paper. The bottom edge started at the 2.5"point and then continued with 5/8", and then repeat of 5/8" & 1-7/8". When everything is scored and folded, I folded over the 2.5" starter section as a cover

The little closure gadget is heavy weight cardstock, 2 pieces glued together and 2 holes punched in the center to loop my cord through. The top section is 2 of 3/4" circles glued together, hole punched in and a blue brad inserted. A knot tied at the thickness of the folds, beads added and another knot tied to hold them. The closure slides on.

For more instructions google "Crazy Fold" by Margaret Beech

ID: Wk 19 - Limerick - What Happens When
Size: 8"w x 9.5"h

On Arches Text Wove paper using an Aristro Extra Fine purple pen, wrote out the words in a tall monoline skinny style. Hatched all the enclosed spaces with a magenta toned metallic Color Pen.

Words: What happens when you retire? 
You really don't have to enquire - 
No job and no phone
There's no place like home
And your checkbook's about to expire.


ID: wk 20 - Song Lyric - Black Denim Trousers
Size: 12"w x 4"h

This was created in my Japanese 4 needle bond booklet. On yellow toned Mulberry paper, using a 1.5 Parallel pen and Sumi ink wrote out the lyric words in a Curlz style lettering. Drew a motorcycle wheel just running off the page... He was in a hurry.

Words: He wore black denim trousers and motorcycle boots and a black leather jacket with an eagle on the back. he had a hopped-up cycle that took off like a gun. that fool was the terror of highway 101.

Lyrics by Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller  1955        Recorded by "The Cheers"

You can see the rest of the booklet HERE


ID: wk 21 - Little Alphabet - Y
Size: 2"sq

On Arches 90# HP watercolor paper penciled in my alphabet in Lisbet Boudens style lettering. Outlined with a red Prisma Color Fine Line Marker. Colored the background with a Lemon Yellow Pentel  Color Brush. Added the focal "Y" using a Micron .008 pen in a stippling technique.


 ID: wk 

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