Scribbled Lives - April 2021

Created: April 4, 2021
Modified: April 16, 2021

This is the Scribbled Lives Facebook group challenge.




ID: wk 13 - The Little Prince - Laughing Star
Size: 12"w x 9"h

On Bee Super Deluxe paper, created my background. Adhered die cut stars then sprinkled with Color Burst powders "Night Sky" and "Deep Space", misted heavily with water. When dry used a Zebra pointed nib and Kuretake Silver Mica ink in a Bookhand style.

"in one of the STARS I shall be LIVING in one of them I shall be LAUGHING and so it will be as if all the stars were LAUGHING, when you look at the sky at night... you - only you - will have stars that can LAUGH!" 
"The Little Prince" Antoine de Saint Exupéry

ID: Wk 14 - Grammar Joke - It Was Tense

Never realized what this type of sentence was called... Live and Learn...

On Bee Super Deluxe Paper wrote out the large words using a 6.0 Parallel pen double loaded with various colors of Holbien gouache. The smaller words with a 2.4 Parallel pen and Sumi ink. Graphite shading in the large words.




ID: wk 15 - Solitude Quote - Voltaire
Size: 6"w x 5.5"h

I came across a piece done by Amity Parks and was inspired...

I used a Zig Writer - bullet tip and watercolors on Stonehenge paper.

Quote: The happiest of lives is a busy solitude. Voltaire




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