Psalm 23 - Take 3
Size: 8"w x 15"h

Psalm 23


Created: October 10,  2015
Modified: October 15, 2015

I was commissioned to do a calligraphic piece of Psalm 23. Take 1 below is the first version, basically plain done on Arches Text wove. Take 2 also done on the text wove. Take 3 done on white Stonehenge. (take 3 will be my Guild submission for Long & Narrow category)

All 3 takes use Winsor & Newton gouache for the "Shepherd" word mixed with gum Arabic and distilled water - Naples Yellow Deep, Spectrum Red, & Sepia. My 6.0 parallel pen was triple dipped - completely in the yellow, then one edge dipped in the red and the other edge in the brown.

In all three the bold text above and just below the "Shepherd" word is done with 2.4 parallel pen and Sumi ink.

in Take 1 the main text was done with the brown gouache and a Brause 1.5nib

Take 2 & 3 done with a 1.5mm parallel pen and Sumi ink.

The Psalm 23 heading in all 3 done with the 1.5 parallel pen.

Decorative border on the right side, outlined with a Copic 0.3 black Multiliner. Leaves painted with QoR watercolors in fall colors. For the gilding I used a warm gold 23.75K gold leaf.


ID Psalm 23 - Take 2
Size: 8"w x 13"h

ID Psalm 23 - Take 1
Size: 10"w x 14"h



ID Psalm 23 - Take 2 Matted
Size: 12"w x 17"h

ID Psalm 23 - Take 3 Matted
Size: 12"w x 19"h


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