Parallel Pen Technique

Created: January 11, 2022

Annette Wichman from Kensington Art Supply here in Calgary made our Guild aware of a technique with our Parallel Pens... She saw it on Instagram by an artist @danapiazza who double loads his pen by dropping color into the little hole near the nib.

The top images of black Sumi ink in my pen with Kuretake Silver or Gold Mica ink dropped in the hole. I LOVE the results...

Then I said to myself why bother having ink in the pen at all... Just drop colors into the hole... I started with deAtramentis Pearlescent ink Magenta Red/Gold and then after a few letters dropped in Cyan Blue/Copper, The when I got to the "Y" I dropped in more of the Magenta. The change in color is not as visible in the image as in real life. I love the color in the small "i". It really has a blended merging of color. Will need to do more experimenting...



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