This broadside won 2nd place ribbon at the 2004 Stampede Arts & Craft contest in the Calligraphy "Blackletter" category

Calligraphy "Myths#1"
Matted W 14" x H 19"
Image size: W 10 x H 15

The boots and rope are painted with watercolor and acrylic paints on a bright orangey "Canson" paper. The lower boot was painted on a separate piece of paper and partly rests on the mat which was hand painted with acrylic inks. The calligraphy is a Blackletter/Gothic style. The title color is a reddish brown tone and outlined with gold gel pen. The main wording is a green acrylic ink.

Mat: White hand painted mat white inner core.
Frame: Good quality gold metal frame. 

Myths1a.jpg The images on the left are close ups of the mat and the lower boot