My BVCG Decorated Apron

Created: November 28, 2010

Our Guild created these aprons as a "Funraiser" project this summer. Many Guild members contributed to the alphabet design. They were printed on various colors of aprons (neutral, yellow, lime, all with black lettering, then Red or Black with white lettering). There were lots of areas within the lettering design for our own enhancements/decorations. 

Then we were asked to decorate our aprons for this month's (November) Galleria. Needless to say I had fun enhancing mine BIG GRIN. I used lots of different media, trying them out to see which worked best.

Interestingly enough only the neutral was a cotton fabric, the colors were a more synthetic fabric, making it a bit more difficult to color on. Coloring on the letters was also a challenge since the letters were printed with an acrylic, leaving a slick non porous surface. But where there is a will, there is a way...



Flourish design: Liquitex Soft Body Acrylic Paint "Bright Aqua Green" (Excellent)

DayLili: Rubber stamped flower, Prisma colored pencils, Rangers White Enamel Accents


Regular acrylics

White Prisma colored pencils


Dogwoods: Rubber stamped flower, Prisma Colored Pencils
Abstract next to Dogwoods: Pilot gel Markers, finger smudged

Rubber stamped flowers & ivy
Poppy Lt Pk: Art Quest W/C Paint
Poppy Red: Prsima colored pencils
Quote: Lettered (Micron) on white cotton and colored with prisma Colors, then stitched to apron.
Ivy: Prisma Colored pencils & 3D fabric paint


2010: Eberhard Faber Twin Color Acrylic Paint
          1st 0 - Snowflake Thermal Embossed with Gold; 2nd 0 - Glue pen & glitter
B: Derwent W/C pencils even after H2o will move again if wetted again
d: Golden Fluid Arcylic Irid Gold
G: Sakura Stardust pens will move with h2o, but lays on top of letter. Does not move again when dry
i: Rhinestone setting
J: Jacquard Sherrill's Sorbets - touch of H2o
M: Liquitex Soft Body Acrylic Paint
P: Liquitex med Viscosity Acrylic paint
R: Jacquard Lumiere (metallic Acrylic paint)
X: FW Acrylic Inks
Y: Pearlescent Acrylics
Z: Dr Ph Martin's iridescent Calligraphy Colors

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