You Asked Me To Write You A Poem

A collaboration between Phyllis Cole-Dai (author, song writer, poet) and myself. She asked if I could create mini books of her poems. Needless to say, I said yes...

Each book has a protective slip case, is signed, and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Mini Books are for sale in the US on Phyllis's website https://phylliscoledai.com/yogi-mini-books/
Similar Mini books will also be available in the Calgary area ($39.00) for pick up only. Please contact me yogihg@hotmail.com

I'm getting requests for mini books even in Canada. Thank you. 

I'm taking requests for additional mini books with delivery to be negotiated. Please note shipping within Canada or the US for 1, 2, 3, or 4 booklets is the same price of approx $22.00 CDN. If purchasing from the US please contact Phyllis directly.

Read the poem’s text HERE


Please click on the images below to see more images and descriptions etc.

Mini Book - YAMTWYAP
#1 Maize (yellow)
Mini Book - YAMTWYAP
#2 Ultramarine
Mini Book - YAMTWYAP
#3 Curaçao

Mini Book - YAMTWYAP
#4 Nut (brown)
Mini Book - YAMTWYAP
#5 Graphite (dark grey)
Mini Book - YAMTWYAP
#6 Tomato (red)
Mini Book - YAMTWYAP
Heather (plum) SOLD
Mini Book - YAMTWYAP
Sky Blue
Mini Book - YAMTWYAP
Violet SOLD
Mini Book - YAMTWYAP
10 Green

Stay tuned for more Calligraphy in the future.

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